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Swim Groups Week of July 6

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Back to the Pool Event May 18 from 11:30-4:30pm

Come meet the coaches and TEAM reps, get your MOHICAN TEAM suit from Sport Fair, and do the 8U Swim Evaluation. Sport Fair will be onsite to fit swimmers for suits to purchase from 12-4pm. 8U Evaluations will be ongoing from 12-4pm.

Coaches, Swim & Dive Parent TEAM Reps will present to parents ALL THE IMPORTANT details about the season from 11:30-12noon and again from 4:00-4:30 AT THE BACK PAVILION

8U Swimmer Evaluations on May 18 from 12-4pm

Why evaluate all 8U swimmers? 

8U swimmers comprise over a third of our big TEAM. This summer may be the first "TEAM experience" for many young children. Therefore, ALL 8Us must undergo an in-water evaluation prior to practicing with the TEAM.   Coaches want the experience to be safe and fun right from the start.  Our coaches also want to provide instruction tailored to meet swimmer needs, at the earliest point possible in the season. Some of our youngest swimmers may not be ready for the team experience.  Please see the requirements for the swim evaluations below and email Head Coach, Kevin Wagman, if you have questions. 

Pre-season swim evaluations will be conducted in order to: 

  • Provide substantive feedback for swimmers and parents as well as determine appropriate practice group placement;
  • Increase individualized attention and safety for young swimmers; 
  • Improve swimmer experience in the water, starting with the first practice. 

Coaches will use evaluation information to group swimmers according to skill level and swimmers will be continually evaluated on stroke progress throughout the season. 

The goals for all swimmers placed on the PRE TEAM are to: 

  • Improve skills; 
  • Have fun and make new friends; and 
  • Progress to competing in Mohican TEAM meets, if desired.  

Can  PRE TEAM swimmers participate in Mohican Swim Meets?

Yes!  All PRE TEAM members are invited to participate in the Mini Muffin Red White & Blue Meet on July 4.  PRE TEAM members may participate in specific stroke events at Wednesday evening B Meets, with Coach approval.  

What will the evaluation involve? Is my swimmer ready? 

Mohican Swim TEAM evaluations will take place between 12 and 4 PM on Saturday May 18. Coaches will evaluate a maximum of 8 maximum swimmers every 20 minutes between 12pm-4pm. Swimmers will be asked to swim a length of freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers also will be asked to attempt 4-5 legal strokes of breaststroke and butterfly during the 20 minute in-water evaluation.

  • A swimmer who is able swim 25 m of freestyle and 25 m of backstroke will be placed on the regular team. Swimmers must finish these lengths fluidly, with legal stroke mechanics, unassisted.
  • A swimmer who is able to swim 25 m unassisted (across the pool) on their front or stomach will be placed on the PRE TEAM. 
  • Please note that If your child is unable to do the freestyle and backstroke across the pool successfully, he/she will not be evaluated in breaststroke and butterfly.
  • Coaches strongly encourage any swimmer who is unable to swim 25 meters unassisted to seek individual swim lessons prior to the evaluation, or to pursue private or group lessons during the summer months to prepare for team participation. 
  • All Mohican coaches are available for private lessons during regular pool hours, but not during team practice times after May 20. Coach contact information can be found on the bulletin board in the Mohican pool house lobby and on the coaches' page here..

How do I register my 8U swimmer(s) for an evaluation?

  • Once you have registered for the TEAM, you can SIGN UP your 8U swimmer for a 20 minute evaluation here.  Please note:  YOUR NAME WILL BE LISTED.  THIS IS OK.  If you have more than one 8U, please register for additional slots. 
  • If your child cannot be there on Saturday May 18 OR you have questions about your child's readiness for evaluation, please email Head Coach, Kevin Wagman, to make other arrangements. 

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